We provide fast funding solutions for your goals.



We provide fast funding solutions for your goals.

Don’t let an opportunity to build your business pass you by because of the bank, a past bankruptcy, or arduous paperwork.

Traditional, bank-driven loans are generally inflexible, paper heavy, and ill-suited to meet your need for speed. At Sandstone Capital, our decisions are made by real people who have been in your shoes, not committees of actuaries removed from the real time marketplace. 


No Minimum FICO Requirements
Stated Income/Bank Statements only*

Loan Amounts from $200,000 up to $10,000,000

Loans up to 75% LTV

Foreign National Program

Lending to LLC's Trusts and Individuals

Financing Single Family Residences, Condos & Offices

Warehouses, Industrial, Strip Centers, Hotels, & Mixed Use

*This product may have a higher interest rate, more points,or more fees than other products requiring documentation.



Why should I choose a private money loan?

You may choose a private money loan if you are a borrower and cannot obtain a loan from the bank for various reasons, need to close faster than the usual 30 day bank closing, do not want to submit tax returns and an elevated level of paperwork, and/or you just want to close a transaction privately.

How quickly will I receive my funds?

Depending on the complexity of the transaction, we normally are able to fund within 5-10 days.

Which types of properties do you finance?

We finance properties ranging from Single Family Residencies, Multi-Family Residences, Warehouses, Offices, Shopping Centers, and a variety of other types of buildings. We will also consider entitled land loans.

How long does the loan last for?

Typically these loans do not last longer than 3 years, however we are able to offer terms for one year or greater than 3 years.

What if I have bad credit or a past bankruptcy?

The difference between bank financing and private money is that we focus more on the property than the borrower's past financial situation. While we do incorporate ability to pay into our analysis, the location, value, and plan for the property take precedence.

I would prefer to close through an LLC, is that an issue?

You may close through an approved entity, however, typically we will require a personal guarantee.

How can I get started?

Please fill out an inquiry directly on our website at the Contact Us Page. You may also reach out to us by phone at (310) 393-9000 Ext. 104 or via email at